My trading strategy in Forex

I started to trade on the Forex market a little less than a year ago. I have tested and applied trading techniques of different types and styles. Most of them were failures, but some have become quite successful and My trading strategy. Based on my experience, I can say that traders who make trade in the Forex market, will not reveal their trading system, simply because, in order for you to make a profit, someone must suffer losses.

Currently, I’m using two trading strategies. I started trading using a demo account a little less than a year ago and used the obvious simple techniques such as technical analysis and analytical performance. Technical analysis is represented by inexperienced traders simply because it requires consideration of only graphs, not news. I used indicators such as moving averages, Fibonacci and relative strength index to assess the situation in the market and make a prediction on price fluctuations. Of course, I have achieved success by trading with a demo account, but when I started real trading, I felt fear and could not use the same techniques that I have developed four months ago by trading with a demo account.

The tension was very high, and I, like many others, began to look for providers of forex signals to minimize time-consuming and stress levels.After careful review of several signal providers, I have chosen a reliable software package that provides excellent signals. To my surprise, the signals worked. The only difficulty was disciplined to take every signal, regardless of whether I agree with him. In the end, the company, which I have chosen as a supplier, has an impressive track record of achievements and 3 years.

Now that I had a positive revenue stream provided by the provider of forex signals, I decided to open a second account using your own trading system. That’s how I realized that I am sure of the reliability of the system, when it comes to quick money 30-50 pips in Forex.

Trading in the Forex market a little less than a year, I have noticed that the market moved on speculation. Speculation based on fear and news, such as the publication of the consumer price index and retail sales. I also noticed that between 4:30 am and 8:30 am comes a lot of important news about the major currencies such as the euro and the British pound. The market will change in the same moment when the news will be released. When news came at 4:30 and concerned the pound is likely to fluctuations in the market at the time amounted to 30 or even 50 pips up or down. So I started to trade on the news. I waited for the exact moment of the release of news and make trades when the market moved more than 7 pips from the current price of 15 minutes after the release of the news. Stop loss should be set at 10 pips above or below the current price.

The trick is to make transactions at certain times and strictly keep the rigid framework of the stop-loss, setting it on more than 10 pips after the trade entry. And it really works, but if you act too early or too late, you can make a mistake in predicting the market direction. However, if you do it right, your winning trades will be much higher than the losing because you get a profit of 30-50 pips, and the loss will be only 10 pips. I have used my trading strategy in Forex for 5 months and it worked successfully.


Deals with Financial market for 15 years, now in risk management and Asset Trading.

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