The perfect backup system for the Forex trader

Any information accumulated in the course of trading on the foreign exchange market should be collected and stored with the help of a reliable backup system. Current availability of different products in the network offers traders in the forex market a variety of methods for easy data collection and storage. Whether it is a set of graphs, or a variety of educational resources , the best way to preserve valuable information is the presence of an effective data backup system.

A solid data backup system can calm your nerves and provide quick access to your files. Here are 3 reasons for deciding to acquire an effective system for data backup, which will help to better understand the advantages of backup information:

Equipment in the case of failure. Malfunctions of the computer or network equipment, power grids or inevitable. In the event of unforeseen problems backup system will ensure reliable preservation of all information.

Cleaning the computer trading. Traders in the Forex need fast computers. The abundance of files and documents can slow down your computer, and data backup system will help free up additional space and improve performance of your computer.

Ready for sudden travel. Forex works round the clock. Stable data backup system allows you to be always ready to travel and have at hand an efficient mobile office. It helps to provide a more affordable and convenient storage of files on the go.

Any information on your computer is important for efficient trading. Before turning to the choice of the preferred backup method, you must decide on the most important issue – the volume of stored data. It depends on the amount of storage purchased and the method of working with him. Regardless of whether you will copy only the trade data, or personal information, and more, you need to choose the right tools with the best quality / price ratio. To start, decide to file backup methods with your computer :

Flash drive, or “flash drive.” If currency traders do not plan to use a large amount of memory, it may be appropriate USB-drive. These easily portable (easily removable and rewritable) devices can be easily connected to any PC and run the backup process. The only possible difficulty in the way of the use of such a tool may be high probability of such a device fails, its failure or loss.

Storage on the internal network. Such a system backup data using a network connection for the automatic storage and retrieval of data from the central computer, which is connected to the other network users. This solution is widely used in small business, and the internal network storage offers a flexible and simple data backup system. If you do not plan to share their own information, the possibility of such a solution for the simultaneous access of different users will not be involved in full.

Cloud. Nowadays, data storage in the cloud has become a commonplace. Having a reliable Internet connection can easily download, view, or delete files at any time and from any device. The only obstacle to the use of such solutions could be your Internet bandwidth, and this is the most important factor for effective trading.

The ideal system backup data to the trader in the Forex

Given the mobile trading opportunities in the Forex market, the ideal option would be to use online or portable data backup system . With easy access and usability, virtual or mobile backup system allows merchants to download or upload any data on your computer on the go. This ensures both safe storage and use of all the information in the event of an error / PC / Laptop breakage. Below are the best options for a perfect backup system for traders in the Forex market .

External hard drive

For currency traders external hard drive fits their volume, reliability and portability. Today, as a result of competition for the most efficient hard drive, traders appear to extensive possibilities for choosing the device design and the best combination of price and performance. Make sure that you choose the most modern external hard drive, and enjoy all its advantages in the bidding process. Recent developments have increased the disk speed, gave him the ability to connect via USB, and expanded compatibility with different devices. The most important characteristics of a portable data backup systems are as follows:

Overall performance. Under the total capacity of the external hard disk imply its speed, ease of connectivity and reliability. It is on these figures the currency trader should pay attention in the first place. And do not be lazy to study the information or discuss issues relating to mobile data backup experts.

Capacity. The volume of the external hard drive can range from 2 GB to 4 TB. If you are planning to keep a trade graphics and text documents, you do not need to purchase a hard drive large capacity. But if you plan to be on it and additional training videos along with personal files (photos, music), it is necessary to think about the hard disk 1TB minimum.

Shock. The portable data backup system must be shock-resistant, to ensure the safe preservation of the existing information on it. If you decide to place a large amount of disk space on large-capacity files, you expose this information in danger. Make sure that your backup system is not only productive, but also easily portable. As of April 2016, one of the best devices of this kind on the market is Transcend’s the StoreJet 25M3 , which has a high performance anti-shock performance.

A possible disadvantage

The biggest drawback of the external hard drive is its ability to damage or failure of its components, and the more information that’s stored on, the greater the risk of using such a device. It makes you pay more for a quality device.

Service backup data over the Internet

Innovative advanced backup data via the Internet can offer the trader in the Forex richer arsenal, compared with the traditional method. This system is much more convenient to travel as it offers data storage on a remote server, or to a certain network. We traders in the Forex market and already be a great connection to the Internet with high speed data reception and bestowal, and that is why they are able to take advantage of all the backup data through the Internet. Companies such as Code42 ( CrashPlan ), IDrive , and Carbonite are only a small part of the market backing up data over the Internet systems, and they have a whole army of grateful users. But before you invest in a backup system via the Internet, you must do the following:

  • Analyze reviews and user ratings.
  • Determine the acceptability of prices in all possible combinations.
  • Decide on the method of copying data from your computer.
  • Decide on the time of copying data from your computer.
  • Explore additional opportunities and main benefits of each product.
  • To understand how to restore files when necessary.
  • Determine the method of encryption and data security.
  • Determine the speed performance.
  • If possible, test the system using a test account.
  • A possible disadvantage

The biggest drawback to finding a good service for backing up data over the Internet may be the fact that in the future you may receive a better service or a company with a lot of services. Once you have decided on the files that are loaded in the data backup system, you have a little strain to transfer all your data to the new service.

Bonus tip: How to avoid the disadvantages

You do not need to make a choice in favor of one or the other system. In fact, traders in the Forex market can make use of backup systems of two types. This is called multiple redundancy . We recommend using a portable external drive as the primary backup system and service for backing up data over the Internet as a subsidiary system. This approach will significantly increase the possibility of permanent access to your data in case of device failure, or sudden loss of a network connection.

After determining suitable for your data backup system, try to follow the major principles of the backup :

  • Identify the importance and value of all of your files.
  • Instead of “Cut”, use the “Copy” command to avoid accidental deletion of files.
  • Develop a realistic schedule backup.
  • After the backup procedure double-check the data on the device or network.
  • Physical device should be stored in a safe place and with the proper level of protection.

Stop losing valuable information and make a backup copy today. The trader in the Forex market volume and the volume of information collected is growing day by day. High-quality backup system allows for secure storage of all your important files. Due to various services on the Internet, the clouds and innovative devices, you can easily pick up a reliable backup system. Remember that any backup system is a kind of investment in the process of trading Forex. Before buying, scribble their basic needs and requirements, which would be able to meet your perfect device or online plan. Remember that choosing a system is not only necessary for the convenience of it at the moment, but also with an eye to the future, when you have accumulated a large amount of data.


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