6 unusual tips that will help you succeed in Forex

The first step in the Forex trader on the path to success is to collect the largest possible amount of information. Basic knowledge acquired during the training will help you merge into the right direction, but they will not be enough, since it is only part of a huge puzzle. So, before you enter into your first deal, check out the unusual 6 tips to help you succeed as a Forex trader.

1. Regular breaks bid for re-evaluation strategy

In Forex there are many factors contributing to the loss. Therefore, it is necessary to think about a short break from all that is connected with the bid to recuperate. Remember that the market is not going anywhere, even in a few days, or weeks, when you renew your transaction. So use this time to evaluate and study the mistakes made. Assess your risks, you can, time and time zone of prisoners transactions, the frequency of use of the preferred trading approach – long-term deals, short or scalping.

2. Meditation

Stress and poor control their own emotions are the two aspects that do not allow you to become a successful trader. Because they are an inevitable part of our lives, everything will depend on how you will deal with them. Another sad aspect that ruins many traders, is self-control, since history is replete with examples of excessive or impulsive trades. Meditation – is a method that allows you to maintain control over every situation that arises in the market. Meditation for traders in the Forex will be useful, since it:

improves the mental state;

prevents cognitive decline;

positive effect on the mental structure of the brain;

improves mental orientation and activity of the brain;

It improves the condition of the genes;

It increases the feeling of satisfaction and reduces the amount of negative emotions.

Currently the most powerful traders regard meditation as a necessary treatment of ups and downs, which constantly accompany their activities.

3. Meetings with more professional traders or their accession to the Community

Many people know that one person the strength to do something quickly, but if you want to do something efficiently, you need to listen to the views of others. The same strategy works and Forex. At the meetings and in the communities you have a chance to talk with successful traders. It is at these events you will be able to share experiences and gain knowledge about the techniques profitable transactions, risk management, increase their bargaining skills and learn about the best tools to increase their chances of success. In addition, you will communicate with your colleagues.

4. Determination of tools to which you have recourse provides 80-90% of transactions

Even with limited experience can determine the individual instruments that you trade a lot quieter than the others. To tell the truth, you will rarely go so far as to create a winning system using rarely traded instruments. Therefore, it is best to try to use several tools to determine those that you will use in 80 – 90% of cases. There are a range of ways to predict the direction of the forex market movements and multiple software systems to help you with this task. All you need to do is choose the best of them.

5. The most accessible broker to trade in such instruments

Traders middle managers will be very helpful to find a broker that offers the most favorable spreads and commissions, because you need to save as much money earned. For these purposes, you will have enough information to compare Forex brokers in the network. Do not forget to make sure that the minimum requirements for the amount of the deposit match your abilities. It is advisable to understand the set of broker services as well as the structure of the commission, because you can be both fixed and floating spreads and the commission may depend on the interest spread. Under Spread understand the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, which is usually measured in points.

6. To reduce the delay time and avoid a slow speed, be sure to buy the best computer

Under latency computer scientists understand the time difference between the command transfer torque to perform a particular action and the moment the direct implementation of such a team. In Forex terminology it means the time it takes to get a response from the server to the broker dealer request. If high latency – you risk to be at a loss, and not a small loss. Slow operation of the computer, especially the speed of the Internet, also separates you from profit, as your instructions to be executed immediately. You may encounter the following problems: a large number of repetitive quotes later execution and the failure to notice changes in exchange rates. Remember that the market will not wait for you, so if you plan to participate in trading on the foreign exchange market, it is better to invest in good hardware and accessories. It is important not to forget about the Fastest processor (i7), 8-16 GB of RAM, multiple monitors and the multi-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The overall result

Quick start trading on the Forex does not bode well. If you, on the contrary, armed with the necessary knowledge, you can make the most out of the current trading situation. While these tips are designed for mid-level dealers, in many cases, even experienced traders consider them valuable.


Deals with Financial market for 15 years, now in risk management and Asset Trading.

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